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The Ultimate Leg Exercise: Top 10

The Ultimate Leg Exercise: Top 10

Feb 2nd 2023

Nothing represents the physique more than the legs, and in this article, you’ll learn the best leg practices for building legs that amazing.

If you’re hitting the weights frequently yet dismissing your leg workouts, reevaluate your life.

All joking aside, I comprehend the temptation to skip legs day.

I used to do it all the time and, very much, looked more like a cartoon character than I would like to admit.

Be that as it may!

I’ve atoned and changed my ways keeping in mind my legs are still slightly inadequate with regards to the division and thickness that comes in time, I’m at least to the point where they’re not a glaring shortcoming…

1. Barbell Back Squat

No surprise here, of course.

The barbell back squat is hands down the most effective leg exercise you can do for building overall size and strength.

Many people think of it as just a leg exercise but it’s much more than that–it’s a whole-body exercise, really, because it engages every muscle group but your chest, really.

It must be performed correctly, however. Bad squat form not only makes the exercise less effective, it increases the risk of injury.

The first thing you need to know about squatting is proper depth. You should be getting your thighs to at least parallel to the ground.