What Should I Expect From My First Prohormone Cycle?

What Should I Expect From My First Prohormone Cycle?

Prohormones are a legal alternative to steroids that you can take orally. There are several different types of prohormones — from Winstrol V to Dianabol to Anadrol — all of which are made to help you get bigger and stronger. But for some things, certain prohormones are better than others. You may, for example, want to get stronger and put on lean muscle, for that go with Winstrol V. To bulk up and make huge strength gains you should go with Dianabol. And to burn fat (along with putting on some lean muscle) you should go with Anadrol. It all depends on what you’re looking for. But, regardless of which prohormone you go with, you probably want to know “what should I expect from my first prohormone cycle?”

How Quickly Do Prohormones Work?

Prohormones are all oral compounds rapidly absorbed by the body and with most, they will be processed by the body in a single day. For the user of prohormones, this means that they will experience gains from day one, at least as measured by increased blood levels of androgens. This is in contrast to traditional anabolic steroids which typically take much longer to begin working. Although it may take time for muscle gains to be visible in the mirror, it is not unheard of for prohormone users to gain up to 7-10 pounds in the first two weeks of their cycle. This leads to the situation that over a short period of time the use of prohormones could lead to greater muscle gains than those that can be achieved by long-acting anabolic steroids in the same period of time.

How Long Should I Take Prohormones?

Prohormones are some seriously intense compounds. Many have been banned because, well, they’re just too powerful for users who tend to use them for too long. Prohormone cycles should last only between 6-8 weeks at most, no longer. Many prohormone cycles can effectively be run for just four weeks. Either way, after you run a cycle of prohormones, you need to run a post-cycle. Ideally, you will also want to have a doctor check your blood levels to ensure your liver enzymes don’t jump in too significant of a manner during this stretch as well.

If an individual has never previously taken prohormones then they should expect significant muscle and strength gains from their first cycle, especially if they are a young person with much scope for muscle growth. As such, dosages and cycle lengths should be kept short as even a “mild” cycle will produce significant benefits for the user, and by keeping the length short we can certainly keep side effects to a minimum whilst still experiencing tremendous benefits

Why You Should Keep Prohormones Cycles Short

One thing which is sometimes overlooked by users in the quest for maximum muscle and strength size is that there is a definite saturation point that is reached where further time on cycles or increases in dosages does not produce a commensurate improvement in muscle and strength gains. Indeed, it is commonly noted that as time spent on prohormones increases, gains come slower, while side effects increase more quickly. Increasing time on/increasing dose by 50-percent may produce a linear improvement at low doses but as time spent on increases gains tend to level off. This makes it a better idea to keep cycles short and then, after post cycle therapy is finished, to start again. That is far better than staying on for much longer with the last half of the cycle producing meager gains and side effects outweighing gains.

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