The Best Things to Eat and Drink After Working Out

The Best Things to Eat and Drink After Working Out

When it comes to getting fit, diet accounts for at least 70-percent of the weight loss equation. You can either amplify your gains by eating the right things after you work out, or you can erase all of your hard work by eating the wrong ones. At Legal Steroids, our goal is to get you the biggest gains possible, so you pack on the muscle you want and shred the fat you don’t! Here’s our guide to the best things to eat and drink after working out.

Best Things to Eat and Drink After Working Out

After working out, your body tries to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and regrow those muscle proteins. Eating the right nutrients soon after physical activity may help your body achieve this faster. It is essential to eat carbs and protein after your workout. Doing this helps:

  •  Decrease muscle protein breakdown
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis (aka muscle growth)
  • Restore glycogen stores
  •  Enhance recovery

Protein Shake

Exercising triggers the breakdown of muscle protein. The rate at which this occurs depends on your level of training and on the type of activity, but even well-trained athletes can experience muscle protein breakdown. Having the right amount of protein after a workout gives your body the amino acids it needs to repair and rebuild these proteins. It also provides you with the building blocks required to build new muscle tissue.

Fitness experts recommend that you consume 0.14 to 0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight following a workout. Research has shown that consuming 20 to 40 grams of protein seems to maximize the body's ability to recover after exercise.

The best way to consume highly bioavailable protein after working out is in the form of a whey protein shake. Whey protein is quick and easy for your body to digest, and it won’t cost you many calories.

Protein is great at helping your body recover, but also at building mass. If you want to build serious mass, however, don’t just rely on protein shakes. Our Extreme Mass Stack is a powerful stack of D-BOL and Anodrol designed to get you bigger than ever before! Put simply, the results are EXPLOSIVE!

Keep a 4:1 Carb to Protein Ratio

Scientific research shows that consuming a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein after exercise results in higher glycogen stores than consuming carbs alone. Consuming more protein, however, slows rehydration and glycogen replenishment, so the 4:1 ratio is ideal for endurance athletes who train daily.

Grilled Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

After working out, your body is in recovery mode, meaning you need to consume a meal which is dense in nutrients. The lean protein and carbohydrates found in chicken are excellent, as it can fill you up without the side effect of feeling bloated. By adding vegetables to the dish, you can give your body a much-needed boost in vitamins and fiber - meaning your heart is kept in good shape, too.

Vegetable Omelet with Avocado

It's common knowledge that eggs are an excellent source of protein and can assist in both muscle recovery and growth. Try switching up your usual meat and cheese-filled omelets with a veggie-packed omelet instead. Onions are a great vegetable to add, as they can naturally increase testosterone levels, albeit slightly. Testosterone is critical post workout, as it helps your muscles recover and keeps fat at bay. If you are looking to boost your testosterone levels to the max, try Legal Steroids’ Test Suspension. It is the most powerful water-based oral testosterone on the market. It supercharges your strength, energy and mood – and is great before or after workouts.

Garnishing with a few slices of avocado can add a boost in fiber and monosaturated fats toy your omelet as well. Like olive oil, avocados can help your body better absorb fat-soluble nutrients found in vegetables, such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

Tuna, Hummus and Spinach on Whole Wheat Bread

If you prefer your exercise at lunchtime, then this is the perfect sandwich for you. Tuna is great because it's low in calories but high in protein and carbohydrates. Hummus is a much better spread to use for sandwiches than mayonnaise or mustard, with the added benefit of also being high in fiber. Finally, spinach is a healthy superfood, offering a plethora of benefits from curbing appetite and boosting complexion to your lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

Not All Fats are Bad

A common misconception many people have is that eating fat after a workout can slow down digestion and inhibit the absorption of nutrients by the body.

While fat may slow down your body's absorption of a post-workout meal, it will not reduce the benefits. For example, studies have shown that whole milk is much more effective at promoting muscle growth after a workout than skim milk.

That doesn’t mean that you want to over-do it when it comes to fats. In fact, when seeking gains, burning bad fats is critical. For the ultimate in fat burning, consider trying our Liquid Anodrol. With just two CCs, administered twice daily, users report massive muscle gains and superior fat burning to any other product on the market today! If you’re looking for even better results and a shredded, physique, consider Legal Steroids’ Combination Cutting Cycle. This dynamic cutting system can only be described by the words users report after taking it: hard. Dense. Vascular. Lean. Well-defined.

When to Eat for Your Post-Workout Meal

The body's natural ability to rebuild glycogen and protein levels is enhanced after exercise.

For this reason, you should consume a combination of carbs and protein as soon as possible after finishing exercising.

Although timing doesn't need to be precise, experts recommend eating your meal within 45 minutes of finishing any exercise. In fact, it's thought that delaying carb consumption by as few as two hours after a workout may lead to 50-percent lower rates of glycogen synthesis. However, if you consumed a meal before exercising, it's likely that the benefits from that meal will still apply after training.

ow that you know what to eat and drink after working out, check out Legal Steroids’ products to get bigger, strong and more jacked than you ever thought possible.

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