How to Lose Those Love Handles

How to Lose Those Love Handles

You might be familiar with the term “love handles,” but do you know if you have them? If you can pinch the flesh on your abdominal area, hips, or lower back, you have them. They can form for many reasons, from too little physical activity to too much cortisol to just not burning more calories than you consume. These formations are the enemy of all bodybuilders. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of love handles. Here is some advice on how to lose them, so that you can be completely ripped and even a little healthier.

Exercise the Love Handle Areas

If you are trying to burn fat from specific parts of your body, then it only makes sense to focus your workout on those parts. Incorporating more exercises that target these regions can speed up the process. Fitness experts universally recommend bicycle crunches, and for good reason: they work out your abdominals and your lower back. Russian twists also help you replace flab with abs. Mix it up with different kinds of bridges and planks for a more well-rounded experience to help you lose stomach fat.

Of course, you do not have to sacrifice any other goals you may already have. Depending on how high a priority you consider love handles to be, you can add in as many or as few of these exercises to your current workout plan. With that said, the more you concentrate on your love handles, the sooner they will be gone.

Watch Your Calories

You already know by now that love handles form because of the body retaining excess fat. To stop this retention, you may want to consider changing your eating habits. If you are going to get rid of love handles permanently, then, for the most part, the adjustments you make should not be temporary. After all, exercise alone cannot fix these issues.

At this point, you may be wondering which kinds of food are most helpful for losing your belly and back flab, and how much you should have, and more. However, the most important practice you can take up is to burn more calories than you gain. Otherwise, those calories can build up in your body over time, eventually taking the form of a little fat in your tummy and your back. You do not need to be so strict about your calorie intake and output once you lose your love handles. However, watching both is a worthwhile habit not just for making sure that they stay gone, but for improving your health in general.

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