Hollywood Heroes Avenge the Reputation of Steroids

Hollywood Heroes Avenge the Reputation of Steroids

Hollywood stars such as Joe Manganiello, Chris Evans, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Charlie Sheen have shared their thoughts on using steroids to enhance physical performance.

The bulky actor’s stout physique has been admired for years, as fans were taken aback when he appeared shirtless onscreen in HBO series True Blood and male stripper in the suprise hit movie Magic Mike.

But although he trains hard, Joe has not incorporated performance-enhancing drugs into his workout regimen. "I've never touched a steroid or hormone or magic pill in my life, so I wouldn't know anything about that," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I hear rumours, but I don't judge people who have. That's their life experience."

The Avengers actor Chris Evans, who plays superhero Captain America in the Marvel movies, shares Joe’s approach to exercise. Chris consumes far more of a specific essential nutrient to ensure his muscles bulk up.

"You're just lifting a lot of weights and eating a lot of protein," he detailed. "It's pretty boring to be honest. It's not as glamorous as you think it is." Dwayne Johnson was once a professional wrestler who competed in the World Wrestling Federation using ‘The Rock’ as his stage name. And the Furious Seven star commits to being in a hardcore training zone frame of mind for long periods of time while preparing his body for a movie role.

"You're in the vortex. You're training hard," Dwayne noted. "It's six to eight months of prep." Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen admitted he did in fact use steroids while preparing for a movie.

The star, who has been known for abusing narcotics and stimulants in the past, decided to dabble with performance-enhancing drugs while filming 1989 release Major League. "I only did them for like two months to put some speed in my fastball and that was it," Charlie said. "I got into a few bar fights but who cares?"

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