In bodybuilding, size matters.

But, that's usually not sufficient enough to win a competition. Judges are looking symmetry, definition, a little bit of flare and for a body that's HARD,SHREDDED and RIPPED.So defined that theindividual muscle fibers seem to pop underneath the skin.

Bodybuilding competitions are where audience members will see the biggest, leanest muscles with more veins and more striations. In the physique category, the muscles will be a little smaller and a little less conditioned. Female competitors also compete in figure and bikini competitions, with each division being less conditioned, less hard.

Judges look for hardness or that shredded quality, but they also consider size and symmetry of the muscles.

Contest judges would always state thatathletes who look "hard," "look like a piece of wood, like your finger wouldn't sink into them if you touched them. "

There are three elements that go into creating that look -- and working out may be the least important of the three, judgessaid.

"The first thing is rest. Your body grows when you're resting," between periods of exercise, he said. "Nutrition is second. Your body wont grow or get conditioned if you're putting the wrong things into it. You have to limit your fat and carbohydrates. Using an effective Bodybuilding Stack like the 8 week staggered for blitz also helps with achieving that desired SHREDDED effect.

"That hard, grainier, conditioned look, those are all terms for someone who has dieted hard and lost their body fat."

Body builders prepping for a competition are training and dieting 24-7 for three to four months before an event.."You can't turn it off," they say.

If you're planning on attending anycompetition, there are two very different parts to mostevents. The prejudging, which depending on the number of competitors, lasts up to three hours.

"Typically we bring out the competitors and we pose them next to each other and do comparisons," judgessaid. Judges call out specific poses that highlight different groups of muscles.

The evening show is much more about entertainment and designed for the audience's enjoyment. The competitors choreography their own routines to music and..."The evening show is fun. "Alcohol is available at mostvenues and the crowd gets a little 'livelier.' People have been working out and people see them in the gym. This is a chance for our athletes to show off all of their hard work.

"Plus, it's kind of a celebration. They've been dieting and pushing the limits of their discipline. For them this is the day. After today, I get to eat whatever I want. After this is over, I'm going out and having a pizza."

Whether you decide to attend as a spectator or a beneficiary of our muscle building products, you will definitely have a good time.

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