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Dear Friend,

Listen, whether you want to look good for the beach, the pool, a "show", or a "hot chick" . . . the story you're about to read will be a most valuable roadmap to your ultimate bodybuilding destiny of looking the very best you can! So please read this true story that graphically illustrates the astonishing sped in which Winstrol V (everybody's favorite contest drug) works.

During the mid 1990's, one particular Mr. Olympia competitor from Texas was known for his extreme leanness and definition . . . but amazingly he did no dieting or cardio until 14 days before the Olympia. Think about it! This is bodybuilding's "biggest stage" and this guy's pre-contest" prep consisted of just 14 days diet and cardio, which is in sharp contrast to most competitors who diet hard for 6 - 9 months and grind out thousands of hours on the treadmill prior to the contest of their lives.

So how'd he get so shredded, lean and muscular so fast? Simple, the magic of Winstrol V . . . the amazing anabolic compound that is "hands down" the most perfect cosmetic steroid in the world.

After all, "looking good" means being lean, and "hard", with little body fat, and little water to hide all your hard-earned muscle. But, unfortunately, getting real muscular hardness is extremely difficult without a little help from chemists.

You see, the extreme muscle hardness you see in top notch competitors is because they have successfully blocked the female hormone estrogen. And when you do this . . . the muscle takes on a "anvil" type hardness that compliments the definition! Blocking estrogen is the chrome on the hubcap . . . the finishing touch to the ultimate body!

Why is this "special" anabolic so "special"? The biggest reason is because it's a dehydrotestosterone derivative, or DHT. This is the most potent kind of test, but unlike regular testosterone, Winstrol V actually blocks estrogen . . . as opposed to increasing it!

Winstrol V suppresses estrogen like crazy because it's altered chemical structure lands on estrogen receptors like "hard dicks on drunk blonds" at closing time. It attacks those estrogen receptor sites with a ferocity that no other anabolic steroid can match!

And, as you probably know, if an estrogen receptor is fully blocked then estrogen cannot land on it and exert its "bitch causing" side-effects like "tits" and massive water retention, and lots of thick, subcutaneous fat! And better still, once all the estrogen receptors are blocked . . . then estrogen levels, in general, are reduced because the body senses it has no "home base" for the estrogen to bond to so it quits producing the necessary enzymes to produce it in the first place.

 The result simply will be . . .
You'll Be "Nasty" Cut . . .
With Cross Striations So Deep You'll Look Like
You Just Got "Clawed" By A Wild Barracuda.


All the "showy" muscles in your back will "dance" every step you take as your traps, rhomboids, lats, and rear delts virtually appear to separate from each other because they are getting so ripped and ultra-hard! All the hot chicks in the gym won't be able to help themselves as they stare at you in awe every chance that they get!

And as stated earlier, the effect of blocking estrogen happens very, very quickly so you'll see an immediate increase in definition and hardness even before it starts building muscle.

 Typical Starting dose for WINNI-V (Cyclostanozol) Cycle

 Week 1

 4 tabs/day
 Week 2

  4 tabs/day
 Week 3

  4 tabs/day
 Week 4

  4 tabs/day
 Week 5

  4 tabs/day
 Week 6

  4 tabs/day
 Week 7

  4 tabs/day
 Week 8

  4 tabs/day

Listen, much has been said about Winstrol V's amazing anti-estrogen properties, but remember, it's also a potent muscle builder (as all anabolics are!) packing your anvil hard musclse full of nitrogen . . . causing very significant increases in size.

No, it won't get you freaky huge like Anadrol 50 and test, but you will notice a big difference and with all the extra "hardness" you'll look like you gained 25 - 30 pounds, although the scale may only say you gained 10!

And it doesn't stop here. Another amazing quality about Winstrol V is that it "frees up" testosterone in the body, allowing more of it to be used for strength and muscle building.

So what you have with this truly unique chemical structure is an anabolic compound that does all the things other anabolics do . . . but has the unmatched ability to shut down estrogen making it the number #1 "make you look good, fast" steroid on earth. So, whether you're getting ready for a "show", the beach, a Caribbean cruise . . . or you just met a "super model" you want to get naked with . . . Winstrol V will get you "ready" and then some, faster than any anabolic known to man.

Real Winni-V (Cyclostanozol Label Below:


However, there is one downside to Winstrol V . . . hardly anybody can get it! But never fear my friend because you haven't been led down this path to be disappointed. That's because a new, just released "designer oral pro-anabolic compound" called Winny-V has been developed by a bio-chemist that exerts powerful and analogous muscle building, fat shredding effects. Chemically known as cyclostanozol, Winny-V is fast becoming one of the most sought after designer anabolics in the world due to its unique chemical structure that may actually even be more anabolic than moderate doses of popularly used street gear.

The miracle of chemistry . . . isn't it "otherworldly".
And "otherworldly" is how you're going to look
once you pounce on this special offer to pick up some Winny-V.

So what on earth are you waiting for? The time to order is now . . . because you know that hot super model you want to "do" demands equivalent perfection in her men. So call now while the thought of looking so good, so fast is still fresh in your mind.

The number to call is 1-888-256-6785 and please have your credit card ready, operators are standing by now to take your order!


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