Just How Hard-Core Are You?

Introducing: The 8 Week Staggered Form Blitz Cycle

The Ultimate Stack For Hard-Core Bodybuilding Warriors
Who'll Use "Any Means Necessary"
To Pack On Up To 25 Pounds
Of Raw Brutal Muscle In Just 8 Weeks!

Dear Friend,

If you just want a "cute physique" with a little muscle . . . keep taking your creatine and some wimpy pro-hormone that barely leaves a whisper of muscle, and then for "god-sakes" ... exit out of this webpage!

However, if you want to be a true beast, one with mounds of "cross-striated" nitrogen loaded muscles literally hanging off you . . . then I urge you to spend the next few minutes reading every last word of this eye-opening article that reveals the details about the 8 Week Staggered Form Blitz Cycle that combines "hands down" the three most potent steroid analogues in the world!!

And the "end result" after 8 weeks will be (as long as you train, and eat right!!) more freaky, knotty, "veiny" pumped up new muscle tissue than you thought your bones could hold!

Up To 25 Shredded Pounds . . . Easy!

And You'll Get Strong As An Ox Too.
All Major Lifts Like Benches And Squats Could Easily "Jump" 50 - 100 Pounds!


 Bold claims for sure . . . but once you read the amazing chemistry behind why these "designer compounds" are so powerful, the true reality of packing on so much muscle, so fast . . . will quickly unfold in your "mind's eye".

Before we get started though, rest assured that great effort has been made to explain everything in an easy, uncomplicated manner. This is vital because the science of hormones and how they trigger anabolic effects in muscle tissue is to often spoken in a language few bodybuilders understand.

And You Have To Understand How To Get Big . . .
Before You Can Actually Get Big!

So let's "gym talk" our way through the science behind why each of the amazing designer steroidal analogues in the 8 Week Staggered Form Blitz cycle will all synergise to make you a bona-fide freak of nature.

The first compound in this designer stack is called Liquid Anodrol, which contains a powerful analog of the famous Anadrol 50, the most powerful anabolic/androgenic agent known to man. Chemically, it's known as Oxymethobol, and it exhibits, very closely, all of the amazing muscle-building and strength building capabilities of Anadrol 50. Invented back in the early 1960's by Syntex in Mexico City, Anadrol 50 was originally designed to treat "anemia" which was rampant in the under developed and poverty stricken Mexico City during that time.

Anemia, the inability to create red blood cells due to vitamin deficiencies, is quickly remedied by this powerful red blood cell producer. So the first thing you'll notice are the enormous, almost painful pumps due to massive increases in red blood cell production, as well as massive increases in hemoglobin production!

Anadrol 50 pumps are legendary . . . driving bodybuilders under its influence back into the gym 2-3 times a day seeking new "pumping highs".

And with so much "fresh blood" flooding the muscle cell with protein . . . you practically recover between reps! And of course, Anadrol also increases protein synthesis dramatically so the recovery of muscle tissue is accelerated above and beyond what the increased red blood cell production provides.

My point is . . .

You Can Train As Much As You Want . . .
And Get As Huge As You Want!



 It's all up to you, and how much muscle you need . . . because it's practically impossible to over-train when Oxymethobol starts "kicking in" its AD50 like effects! And talk about strength increases . . . that's the third way you'll get big. The more weight you can handle, the bigger the muscle gets due to increased fiber size due to more "stress" of the muscle.

Listen . . . just taking Liquid Anodrol, with its designer "Oxymethobol" compound will completely transform you! And in all truth, you could easily gain up to 25 pounds just using it!

But if you need more muscle, sit tight because another designer compound you'll stack with Anodrol is called D-Bol, chemically known as methadrostenol. And as Liquid Anodrol is related to Anadrol 50 so D-bol is related the "same way" to Dianabol, the most popular steroid ever created. Invented by Dr. John Ziegler, and first marketed by CIBA all the way back in 1958, Dianabol is largely responsible for taking bodybuilding out of the "dark ages" (when guys competed at 160) to the age of "chemical enlightenment" when guys suddenly jumped to 190 - 210 by the mid 1960's. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more satisfying than walking into the gym under the influence of this King-Kong compound.

That's Because No Man, And No Weight In The Gym, "If It Came Down To It" . . .
Could Kick Your Ass!



 This is the kind of confidence this potent testosterone derivative delivers along with its amazing appetite stimulant effects which work hand in hand with its unparalleled nitrogen retention properties!

Invented to help increase the utilization of protein in third world countries (where people don't see 10 grams of protein a week) Dianabol "turns over" so much protein you'll be running double time to the blender sucking down, 200 - 400 grams of whey protein a day!

And you will absolutely blow-up . . .
and you will leave no doubt in anybody's mind
that you're "on something" that does in fact work like the "real shit" . . .
without technically being the "real shit"!

And just like with Anadrol, Dianabol is amazing for devastating strength gains which, as any dedicated bodybuilder knows, is the real foundation for increased muscle size. The first 600 pound bench, the first 70 foot shot-put, the first 500 pound clean and jerk, and the first Mr. Olympia all had one thing in common . . . Dianabol. And now you're going to use something that is so similar, only a highly trained bio-chemist would be able to distinguish between the two chemical structures . . . you'll be a FREAK!

The third compound in this guaranteed stack is an analog called Test Suspension which is a legal, sublingual delivery system designed to mimic the effects of Primobolen. Primobolan has a huge muscle building potential while simultaneously producing very lean, shredded and ultra-high quality gains. The active ingredient of Test Suspension, which is related chemically in structure to Primobolan, is the highly anabolic and mildly pro-androgenic compound called Supra testin Depot. The reason this powerful cutting anabolic is included in this stack is because all three compounds are never taken all at once. The idea is to keep "blitzing" the receptor sites with different analogs so they will continually be "excited" throughout the entire 8 week course.


Basically, you want the receptors to be just as "fresh and receptive" the last day of the cycle . . . as they were on the first day! The "fresh receptor theory" works simply because the muscle cell accelerates protein synthesis each time it recognizes a new steroid analog!

It's similar to the effect a new gorgeous woman has on us. We get excited as hell when we see one walk into the room even though our "old" gorgeous woman sitting next to us is not any less beautiful . . . it's just our sexual receptor sites have "sensitized" to her beauty and the immediate excitement of seeing the new gorgeous walk in stimulates our sex receptors the same way this "Staggered Form Blitz Cycle" dosing structure stimulates your muscle receptors. It's true . . . and it's been scientifically proven.



 Another reason Supra Testin Depot has been included in this atomic nitrogen stack is because of the way it "leans you out". The Anodrol and D-bol will take care of the size, but the Supra Testin Depot gives you a clean, refined appearance! A swiney, striated 3% body fat look that "hard-core" anabolics don't provide. As you may know, Primobolen is a "finishing steroid" that's famous for the unparalleled muscularity of European bodybuilders!

Well, there you have it . . . a true, atomic "nitrogen bomb" that combines at least 12 different mechanisms of anabolic action. Increased testosterone levels, increased IGF-1 levels, decreased cortisol levels, more nitrogen retention, increased utilization of protein, potassium and increased calcium levels (this is very important) and a bunch more "anabolic stuff" that could fill a book.



Remember though, this is a "hard-core stack" and should only be used for eight weeks, period! If you want to start a new cycle . . . wait at least 4 - 6 so the receptors can re-charge. However, a second cycle is required by very few people simply because the first cycle satisfies even the most ravenous muscle fiend with up to 25 pounds of shredded muscle!

25 pounds of shredded muscle that could not otherwise be possible using any other stack except for the "name brand stuff"!

And quite honestly,
maybe it couldn't even match the anabolic heroics of this "designer stack"
simply because SDI-LAB's chemist invented it specifically to trigger muscle growth.

And as you now know, the prescription "name brand stuff" wasn't invented to build muscle, they were invented to treat diseases. And just maybe, just maybe, SDI's "designer" developed the 3 compounds in the "Staggered Form Blitz Cycle" to build muscle specifically a little better.

Quick, race to the phone now and ask about our super-special offer of Any Means Necessary stack that's guaranteed to blast on up to 25 pounds of Grade A to your frame no "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it.

So call now while it's fresh in your mind, and please have your credit card ready. UPS overnight shipping is available so call now so you can start becoming a bona-fide freak of mother nature tomorrow! The number is 1-800-256-6785. Oh and one more thing, If you call right away and are one of the first 100 muscle hungry bodybuilders to pounce on this guaranteed monster maker offer . . . You'll get absolutely FREE of charge a bottle of D-bol valued at $79.95!

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